Agimat Indicator & Agimat EA — REVIEW & SPECIAL OFFER

Most people come to online market with little to no knowledge. Over 90% of them lost their money. Then, many “easy” indicators come to help. But only a few (less than 3%) of the indicators do really work.

One of the best is AgimatFX 2020 Trading System (also known as AgimatFX Pro) and AgimatFX Ultra.

agimat trading system

This article provides you a complete explanation of everything you need to know before you buy Agimat Trading System, including:

  1. What is Agimat Trading system
  2. Who is Dennis Buchholz actually
  3. How the AgimatFX 2020 works
  4. Trading style behind the Agimat Trading System
  5. Is it true that the indicator is not repaint?
  6. How to maximize your profit by using this indicator
  7. How to buy Agimat original license at the LOWEST PRICE possible (30% OFF)

So let’s get started…

What is AgimatFX 2020 Trading System?

Agimat means Magic in Filipino. Agimat Trading System (also known as AgimatFX 2020 and Agimat Indicator) means a system that “magically” predict the price movement correctly. That is the philosophy behind the system created by full-time trader and genius programmer named Dennis Buchholz.

The Agimat system has helped over 10,000 traders around the world to win the market. This is a software that really makes the newbies’ dream comes true.

Who is Dennis Buchholz actually?

dennis buchholz

Dennis is a full-time online trader from Germany. He is also a genius programmer who created several trading tools with huge fans. He is the man behind the famous FSO Harmonic Scanner and Pin Trading System.

In 2014 Dennis finished the trading course “Beat the Market Maker” by Steve Mauro. Inspired by the course, Dennis then build a system which “predict” the exact time the market maker entry the market. Dennis sees that the time when the market maker entry the market is the perfect time to follow as it comes with the most probability to win the trade.

Dennis built the system since the end of 2014 and then after two years of testings and developments, Dennis launch the system named Agimat Trading System in 2016. But at the time Agimat was still an average indicator with average success rates.

In 2017 he rebuilt the system with new Artificial Intelligence called Neural Network which really changed the game. But he still not satisfied yet. Dennis upgraded the system in 2018 to make it much more perfect as a very accurate trading indicator, named AgimatFX 2018 Pro+. Then in 2019 he upgraded it to a better performance one, named: AgimatFX 2020 (for Desktop and Laptop), AgimatFX Ultra (for mobile device) and AgimatFX EA (for auto-trading).

How the AgimatFX 2020 works

Unlike many indicators out there when the system planted in the software and it never get updated unless the manual update comes to the system, Agimat works in a very different way.

Agimat has its unique Artificial Intelligence which the system can learn from the market and the previous mistakes automatically, and then perform some upgrades by the system itself. The Artificial Intelligence is called Neural Network. This is the real power of the Agimat and anytime you run this indicator, it is fully connected to the Neural Network.

The Neural Network has ability to grab many data from the market, and by using the data they build a perfect formula for highest probability to win. In 2018, the Neural works with over 5 millions of data points and growing.

For instance, other indicators use the prebuilt algorithms that their programmers plant into the software. For example, they have algorithm of 1 + 1 = 2. Whatever happens to the market, they only know that 1 + 1 = 2.

While Agimat has ability to learn from the market. When the system see the fact that 2 + 2 = 4, they automatically update their algorithm by adding new codes and new rules. Day by day, the algorithms inside the Agimat increased and the indicator becomes much smarter than many average indicators out there.

Trading style behind the Agimat Trading System

There are many trading styles in online trading. Based on the moment they entry, we can separate them in two styles, they are Trend Continuing and Trend Reversal. Agimat trading categorized as Trend Reversal.

The main factor used to “predict the market” is market volume. Here is the theory: When the global trade volume hit the most exhausted point, it mostly followed by reversal movement. That is the right time you need to entry as it is like riding a running horse since the first steps.

And this is the advantage of Trend Reversal trading style. Why? Because at the position, you have a smaller risk than reward, and you have a bigger chance to get a longer distance to your optimum target (means you can maximize your profit). When Trend Continues style may has a 1 : 1 of Risk Reward ratio, with Trend Reversal style you may have 1 : 2 till 1 : 3 Risk Reward ratio.

But, of course trend reversal trading style is much more difficult as it comes with less probability to win, especially if you don’t use the right trading tool that has ability to differ trend reversal and price correction. Agimat was created to help you solve this problem.

Is it true that the indicator is not repaint?

This is relative and can be very subjective to answer. Some traders said that it is really not repaint. But some traders said it is actually repaint.

What makes their opinion different? Because they operate their MetaTrader differently.

AgimatFX 2020 arrow is not repaint as long as you don’t change your time-frame or changing your chart to different pairs or instruments. When you change your time-frame or instrument, and then you go back to the previous chart, the failure arrow does repaint. For me personally, it does repaint.


As a smart trader, you should not focus on if the indicator repaint or not. It is not that important anymore. The most important thing to consider should be: How frequent is it repaint?

As long as you use H4 consistently, you may expect number of repaint less than 20%. This is very small number compared to the industry average standard which is over 35%.

How to maximize your profit by using this indicator

Trading with Agimat is actually simple and easy even for beginners. But, it will be not that easy if you want to maximize your profit and at the same time reduce your trading frequency (to make your life easier). Below are some tips that I personally use to trade with AgimatFX 2020 and get stable results with less frequent number of trades.

1. Trade with H4 only

h4 time frame

Why? Does Agimat bad for other time-frames? No! But the indicator performs its best in H4 time-frame. Beside that, by trading in H4 you don’t need to follow higher time-frame trend like trading in H1 in which you need to follow H4 trend.

I personally trade the Agimat system by using only H4 time-frame because I don’t want to trade all day long. I prefer to trade just 2-3 positions a day rather than taking 5-10 trades a day. People do frequent trades because they want to take small risk per trade as their method has low success rate.

With Agimat, you don’t need to do the same as this indicator give you a very good success rate in H4. If you could win 40 pips from 2 trades a day, why you need to take 10 trades and win the same 40 pips?

Remember, online trading is a risky action. The more position you take, the more risk you take. So, take only the positions which bring you the highest probability to win.

2. Not trade is better than loss trade

Even if you are a daily trader, you don’t have to trade every single day. Do not force yourself to trade when the day comes with many political issues, big news, the Fed meetings, etc. (You can easily grab the information on FxFactory).

Why you need avoid this “bad day”? Because at the moment market become irrational, as they are dominated by panic buying and panic selling. No indicator will be consistently profitable in this kind of situation.

3. Combine Agimat with Strong SnR

Agimat already count the perfect level where the reversal begins (the area that you should place your Stop). But Agimat doesn’t count the potential of the reversal movement. You should define it by yourself.

The easiest way is by adding Support and Resistance indicator to your chart. Since you trade in H4, then you need to use only D1 (Daily) Support/Resistance as your limitation of your Target.

Whenever Agimat tells you to open a position, you should check how long it could go. If the distance to the next Support/Resistance is worth to take (comparing to the risk), then you may take it. But if it is unworthy, you’d better wait for the next opportunities. Basically, you don’t take any trade that give you less reward than its risk.

4. Smart Risk Management

risk management

Many traders give you advice to trade at the same lot for all of your positions. We thought it is wise as we don’t know which trade will give us profit and which one will give us loss. But, it is totally WRONG.

Taking the same lot in every position doesn’t mean that you take the same risk for all positions. Because of two: First, every pair comes with different value. Second, every trade comes with different distance to Support & Resistance where you should place your Stop. Taking the same lot for every position will actually bring you different risk of money.

So? Instead of using flat lot, you should use flat risk. You need to first measure the distance to your Stop, then define your number of lot you should take at fixed risk of money. For example, if you want to risk $50 for trading GBPUSD and your distance to your Stop is 10 pips, then you need to place 0.5 lot for the position.

Another thing you need to consider regarding the smart risk management is, you don’t need to take 1% of risk like most traders advice. Since you trade the Agimat system in H4 only, you have a very high probability to win. Then you may take up to 2% for all of your positions.

With 80% Agimat winning ratio (in H4), taking 2% of risk for all of your trades is not that risky. It is more likely a smart way to maximize your profit.

5. Smart Trailing Stop

To get maximum profit, you need smart taking profit. It’s not just about placing the right Target Profit as optimum Target Profit is really hard to predict. Since that, you need to close a half of your position anytime you achieve a half distance of your target, and then simply move your Stop to Breakeven level.

The rest position becomes a risk-free trade, while you still have a chance to achieve your target. This is the smart way professional traders use for their trades.

6. Use VPS to catch all the opportunities (Optional)

There are many opportunities suggested by Agimat even if you just stay in H4 only. But the problem is, do you run your computer in 24 hours during the trading days or not. If you don’t, then running Agimat on VPS is recommended.

You can connect your MetaTrader on the VPS to your cell phone. So whenever AgimatFX 2020 signal occurs, you get the notification. But you don’t need to use VPS if you run your computer in 24 hours, or you prefer not to trade at night, means you don’t need to run your PC all day long. Again, this is optional.

To use Agimat in your PC and your VPS, you DON’T need to buy 2 licenses as the license is based on number of trading accounts, not number of devices. With just one license, you may install the Agimat in as many as devices you have (as long as you use the same trading account).

How to buy Agimat original license at the LOWEST price possible

There are several vendors out there claim they have pirated Agimat software with the same functional. This is totally BS as there is no way you can hijack the Agimat and get the same functional. Why? Because the power of Agimat lays on its Neural Network as explained above.

Pirated softwares will never has access to the Neural Network, means the software has NO Agimat power. Trading with those kind of indicator just make you lose more money than you should spend on original license.

Below are the links to get AgimatFX original license at the lowest price possible (because anytime Dennis Buchholz offers a special offer, it is officially launched on these pages below).

There are 3 type of Agimat software:

  • AgimatFX 2020 – to be used on laptop or PC (manual trading)
  • AgimatFX EA – for automated trading (trades executed by robot)
  • AgimatFX Ultra – to be used on mobile device (Android & iOS)

To purchase original license of AgimatFX 2020 at special price, visit this checkout page and then input coupon code: TOM25 to get 25% OFF.

To purchase original license of AgimatFX EA at special price, visit this checkout page and then input coupon code: TOM25 to get 25% OFF.

To purchase original license of AgimatFX Ultra at special price, visit this checkout page and then input coupon code: TOM25 to get 25% OFF.