Forex Cyborg – Review & SPECIAL OFFER 2020

forex cyborg

Forex Cyborg is a fully automated forex trading system that is better described as a professional forex robot because it is quite advanced.

It incorporates the use of neural networks and deep learning techniques to understand the forex trading process so as to adjust accordingly after each trade for high success rates.

The product actually has an average win rate of 77% with an expectancy of 5 pips per trade (scalping) and a profit factor of 3.73. That said, the software runs on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and trades on up to 18 currency pairs at any one time on 15-minute charts.

How Forex Cyborg Works

Though it has very complex background processes, Forex Cyborg is very easy to use and has a user-friendly UI.

After downloading and activating within the MT4 platform, the software takes over everything, unleashing its robotic power to automate the opening of trades, adjusting and closing the trades at the best time, and also setting the stop losses appropriately.

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Why Use Forex Cyborg

This software has very beneficial features for trading, which include:

Full Automation

Absolutely no manual trading is required when using this product. This might seem obvious because it’s a robot but the benefits of automation are immense.

For starters, you get consistency with continued improvement over time. Bots also respond very quickly to changing market conditions and thus, Cyborg can generate an order as soon as certain trade criteria are met.

This means that as the market moves (which is usually very fast), the automated system can make a trade in a millisecond so as to give you the best chance of winning.

Money Management

To keep your capital from being wiped out, Cyborg has a money management feature that ensures there is no hedging, martingale, and arbitrage.

Basically, this currency correlation risk manager assists you in managing and distributing your risk so that one loss does not drain all the gains made before that.

That said, this software gives you two options in the Expert Advisor, which are normal and conservative.

Trading Platform

This software runs on MetaTrader 4 and therefore, you can automate your trading while using any MetaTrader 4 broker of your choice, as well as any account type.

Additionally, no minimum leverage or account size is required. This allows you to only trade using the amount you are comfortable with because your capital is what is at risk.

Tick Testing

Real tick data is used to perform tick testing, which gives you the most accurate backtest, with almost 100% modeling quality.

Real Spreads

Just like in tick testing, real variable spreads are used for backtesting so as to improve on the accuracy and win rate. 

Real Slippage

For backtesting, real slippage is simulated on the system and this helps to foresee most of the trading conditions. 

Trading Commission

Trading commissions are also included in the back-testing process and this helps to ensure that the overall trading performance is not affected.

Flexible Trading Hours

Depending on the currency pair, Forex Cyborg can trade from 1830H to 2330H GMT.

Full Support

Lastly, included in the package is dedicated 24/7 support for the entire lifetime that you use the software. This includes free setup via Team Viewer or on your virtual private server if you have one running.

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Forex Cyborg Packages

This software is available in 2 packages, which are gold and premium.

Currency Pairs1818
Demo LicensesUnlimitedUnlimited
Real Licenses13
Dedicated SupportLifetimeLifetime
Software UpdatesLifetimeLifetime

It is quite notable that both packages are very costly but this is for a reason. This product is arguably the best forex robot in the market and it is designed for professional traders who understand the importance of an automated trading solution.

On the bright side, there are no additional costs after the initial purchase and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if Cyborg does not meet your expectations.


  • Fully automated. It does not need any input or active human use.
  • Comprehensively back-tested to achieve successful strategies for high accuracy (even includes simulated slippage)
  • No minimum leverage or account size is required. You can use any broker or trading account type.
  • Master account. The product is officially recommended as an MT4 Expert Advisor by FXPIG.
  • Includes lifetime support, free updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • No free-trial period.
  • Quite expensive.


Forex Cyborg is certainly one of the best robots for automated forex trading because it has the ability to trade up to 18 currency pairs at a time, which are quite many.

Additionally, it has quite a high win rate of 77%, which is made possible by a couple of factors such as a complex and highly sophisticated neural network and deep learning engine. Extensive back-testing using real data also contributes greatly to this high success rate.

All in all, this product is worth considering and after all, if you are not satisfied, you can redeem your money within a month of making the purchase.

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