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Whether you are an experienced or aspiring Forex trader, you’ve got one thing in mind: Making profits. The need to make profits is what has seen millions of individuals across the globe investing in the Forex marketplace. Why else would you trade anyway?

What most individuals (especially the beginners) don’t realize is that various factors help to determine how successful a trader would be as far as Forex trading is concerned. For instance, individuals using trading indicators are more likely to get decent returns than those trading manually. Trading indicators are very important as they help you to save time that you would otherwise waste in front of your PC and to get the most accurate/profitable signals on time.

If you’ve been trading Forex and haven’t been successful as you would want, it’s high time you embrace the use of trading Indicators. Indicators help to simplify your trade and thus enabling you to generate sustainable daily income online.

There are very many trading indicators that you will come across; however, not all are good for you. Some indicators are very complicated to learn and interpret while others may give you misleading information that would see you losing your trade. To be on the safe side, I would suggest you try/use the Forex Manarch Indicator as your trading tool. This is one of the most reputable trading indicators you will come across in the market.

In this page, you will learn:

  1. What exactly is Forex Monarch
  2. How does it work
  3. Using Forex Monarch
  4. User Modes
  5. Forex Monarch Features
  6. The Pros
  7. The Cons
  8. Who Can Use Forex Monarch Indicator
  9. Pricing
  10. Money Back Guarantee
  11. Customers Support
  12. Is Forex Monarch a scam
  13. Conclusion
  14. Forex Monarch’s SPECIAL OFFER

What Exactly Is Forex Monarch?          

This is the most superior Forex trading indicator that was introduced by Karl Dittmann with the main aim of simplifying trade. Forex Monarch helps to decide the trading strategy and also the most ideal times to trade. It provides an easy-to-follow process that will guarantee you (as a trader) decent returns. Karl Dittmann had experienced all the challenges that almost all traders face and needed to provide a solution. It is for this reason he introduced this tool and since then, trading has become friendlier than it used to be when individuals had to trade manually.

The tool provides you with the most vital trading information that every trader would need to make a reasonable return. In other words, you can be guaranteed to make positive gains as long as you are using this tool in the right way. Learning how to use Forex Monarch isn’t anything complicated and anyone can use the software.

For a trader to have a successful trade, he/she simply need to use the sell and/or buy indicators. These indicators will let you know when and/or where to make clicks that will generate a profitable trade. In other words, it analyses the most crucial spots for each trade and handles all the tedious calculations that would otherwise make you miss profitable chances.

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How Does It Work?

Now that you know what Forex Monarch is, the next thing you should learn about is the functioning of this indicator. Understanding how it functions will give you an easier time when using it. It would be very hard to use something that you don’t understand how it works, right?

Using this software you will first need to download it from the official website, and then integrate it with MetaTrader 4. Once this is done, the software will automatically follow the currency pairs which you open on an automated basis. Forex Monarch handles all the mind-blowing calculations and alerts whenever a buy or a sell signal is available.

Whenever using this software, you can relax as you wait for the signals that will tell you what should be done. You will never miss any profitable chance since the software has various methods of alerting you on what to do:

1. MT4 Pop-up sound alerts

sound alert

This is one of the methods that this software employs to notify you whenever there is a signal. It will let you know whether to enter or exit a trade so that you get the best out of your trade. You don’t need to be in front of your PC monitoring your trade. This software will do it for you.

2. Email Alerts

email alert

Other than MT4 platform pop-up alerts, this software will also send you email alerts giving you details regarding new trades within no time.   

3. Push Notifications to Your Mobile

push notification

If you are among the traders who enjoy trading from their smartphone, Forex Monarch has not forgotten you. It will send you push notifications and you will need to react immediately once you receive the alerts.

Forex Monarch generates sharp laser-tuned signals and these signals are not any hard to understand and interpret. They are meant to help you achieve financial freedom in the Forex market.

Using Forex Monarch

As already said above, using this Forex trading product is not anything complicated and traders of all levels can comfortably do this.

The first step involves attaching the Forex Monarch software to your preferred trading chart.

Once you do this, you can thereafter set a BUY and/or SELL signals with the determined Stop Loss.

Exit your trading at different signals or the determined Take-profit.

Finally, you should repeat the above steps anytime you want to make profitable trades. It is that easy!

User Modes

Karl Dittmann understands that different individuals think differently and this made him include three different modes in this software to fit every individual:

The Conservative Modes

If you don’t enjoy taking too much risk, then you can set the indicator to trade in conservative mode. In this mode, the frequencies are standard and the risk is minimal.

The Aggressive Mode

This mode is best suited for individuals who don’t fear to take the risk, mostly the experienced ones. In this mode, you should be ready to make a few losses and more profits in the long run.

The Medium Mode

This lies between the Conservative and Aggressive modes. You receive the trading signal fast but with a moderate risk rate.                 

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Forex Monarch Features

This trading product has several features including:

  • Smart Entry Feature – helps to predict when a new trade is beginning
  • Smart Exit Feature – alerts you when a trade is almost ending
  • The indicator can support all the currency pairs
  • Intelligent algorithm that explores various parameters before calculating the expected move
  • Supports several trading styles
  • Has the ability to detect new trades
  • User-friendly interface that is easy to navigate
  • 100% reliable signals with no repainting
  • Requires minimal time investment
  • Ideal for beginners

The Pros

1. Comes with User’s Guide

Unlike some other Forex trading indicators, Karl Dittmann’s product comes with a simple yet detailed guide that makes it easy to understand how this product should be used. If you use the product as per the given guide, rest assured that you will see positive returns.

2. Signals Do NOT Repaint

It generates signals that will help you decide when to enter the Buy and/or the Sell trade without a moment delay.

3. Easy to Use

It is easy to use this software since it comes with a simplified guide.

4. Accurate Results

This software will never give you misleading information like some other indicators in the market. The results are accurate, timely and reliable

5. 24/7 Customer Support

Should encounter challenges while using Karl Dittmann’s product, you can contact the ever-ready customer support desk. They will respond to all the questions you have and resolve all the issues you are facing.

6. Enjoy One-Time Subscription

Unlike some other trading products you may have come across, this software will not require you to make monthly subscriptions. You pay for it once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.

7. Never Miss Alerts

When using this product, you will always receive signals as well as pop-up messages and hence you will never miss any profitable chance.

8. Enjoy Free Downloads

If you are keen, you may have realized that some trading products will require payment before you can download and install them in your system; however, this is not the case with Forex Monarch.

9. Easy to Install

Installation of this software is a straightforward process and won’t give you a headache.

 10. Minimum Risk Involved

By giving accurate and reliable information, this software helps you to minimize the risks of Forex trading.

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The Cons

1. Internet Connection is a Must

To use this software, traders should have a reliable internet connection. The product will not work offline.

2. Load Speed Can Be Low

Your internet connection can slow down the load speed of this software and hence you are advised to use a good internet connection.

Who Can Use Forex Monarch Indicator?

The software can be used by traders of all levels. It helps beginners to make a successful entry into the complex Forex marketplace and experienced traders to keep their trade under control for positive gains. It eliminates the guesswork that would otherwise put your capital into risk.


This trading system will only cost you as low as $147 and this is a one-time purchase. You won’t be required to pay monthly subscriptions. I consider this amount to be very low compared to the benefit it offers to you.

Money-Back Guarantee

Karl Dittmann is known to be a very honest guy. This software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and this means you can always request a refund if you realize that the product didn’t work for you as expected.

Customers Support

If you happen to encounter technical challenges or have queries regarding this product, the customer desk is ever ready to serve you. You simply need to air your concerns and they will react promptly.

Is Forex Monarch A Scam?

This is the first question that every individual has the right to ask whenever introduced to something new. The truth of the matter here is that Karl Dittmann’s product has never and will never be a scam. It is legit software and all the individuals who have used it can testify to this. You can also look at other online reviews from real individuals who have benefited from it.


Considering all the above, there is no doubt that Karl Dittmann’s product is the best trading software in the market. You pay for it once and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. I would advise you to avoid some other time-wasting indicators and embrace Forex Monarch as your trading indicator. It guarantees you profit and eliminates any guesswork that might lead to negative gains.

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