Forex Pin – Review & Special Offer

In this Forex Pin Review, you will learn:

  1. What is Forex-Pin Trading System
  2. Who is Dennis Buchholz
  3. What Forex-Pin Can Do For You
  4. Computer Requirements
  5. How to Use This Trading Tool
  6. How to Get The Most Out
  7. Forex Pin SSI EA
  8. The Pros and The Cons
  9. Conclusion: Should You Buy?
  10. Where to Get Forex-Pin Special Offer

What is Forex-Pin Trading System?

forex pin

Forex-Pin Trading System is a tool and system created by a genius trader named Dennis Buchholz. Consists of the tool (indicator) that you can use on MetaTrader 4 and the system that Dennis uses to pick the best instruments at the best time, with the most probability to win.

The system searches for the most exhausted trade volume that is normally continues with turn back movement or reversal of the price. This condition gives you the best time to entry, not just because you have the highest probability to win, but also you have the best Risk-Reward ratio.

Why you need to enter the market at a good Risk-Reward Ratio?

Because getting profit from trading has never been one shot action. It is always about accumulation of several trades. No matter how good is the knowledge, strategies and tools you have, there are still probability to lose at anytime. With a proper risk-reward ratio, your global trades will be profitable.

For example, if you are consistent with a 1 : 2 risk-reward ratio, in which your Target Profit (TP) is 16 pips and your Stop Loss (SL) is 8 pips, and your winning rate is just 50%, then here is what you get after 10 trades:

Profit = (Pips Won x Trades Win) – (Pips Lose x Trades Loss)
= (16 pips x 5) – (8 pips x 5) = 80 pips – 40 pips = 40 pips

Who is Dennis Buchholz?

dennis buchholz

Dennis Buchholz – the developer of this software – is a 40 years old brilliant trader from Germany with a full-time trading experiences since 2013. He is also a the creator of the famous Agimat Trading System and FSO Harmonic Scanner which I use too in my trading. This is the man you need to listen when he talks about Forex, Indices and Crypto Currencies.

What Forex-Pin Can Do For You?

Some people thought that Forex-Pin is just another overbought-oversold indicator. It is totally wrong. It’s even NOT about overbought and oversold!

Because in real facts, Forex market can not be overbought or oversold. It is totally different as Stocks trading which is can be overbought and oversold when the stock price is out of the company’s assets value in fair pricing.

Forex-Pin is much higher in technology in the purpose of detecting turn-back price movement (reversal). It uses over 5M data points to determine if the price really reverse at the preferred time frame, or just in “one minute correction”. It is a big different comparing to average indicators out there that use “only” 300K – 400K data points.

To accurately predict the market future, Forex-Pin Trading System uses Artificial Intelligent system and Neural Network that is working 24 hours during the market sessions to watch, screen and catch the perfect moment to execute. This is totally different to many other indicators which use only pre-installed intelligence which can’t learn from mistakes and can’t perform self improvement (until they got updated).

With the Neural Network, Forex-Pin can detect and learn for any mistake and perform self improvement by adding new factors, new filters and new codes to the indicator. And since the indicator is fully connected to the Neural Network, then you don’t need to wait for manual updates anymore. This is like having a robot that is auto learning from mistakes and auto upgrading so it become smarter day by day.

With the power of their Neural system, the best thing Forex-Pin can do for you is providing a highly accurate trading signals which is up to 80%.

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Computer Requirements

computer specification

Since Forex-Pin Trading System is working with a very big data (which is over 5 million data points) and fully connected to the Neural Network through internet connection, then not every computer can be used.

Here are some specific requirements your PC/laptop need to have to run this tool at the best performance:

  • Recommended RAM: 16 GB or higher
  • Recommended Processor: Dual Core or higher
  • Standard MetaTrader 4 Version (Don’t use Portable Version)
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux/MacOS
  • Stable and High Speed Internet Connection

It is also recommended to use at least 15 inch high resolution monitor to give you more clear view because your MT4 windows will show several confirmation indicators that is built in the system. Using a smaller monitor is still fine, but it may looks a little bit crowded.

How to Use This Trading Tool

This video will teach you how to trade with Forex-Pin the right way:

Below is the list of components in the Pin’s dashboard where you can customize the indicator to match your trading style:

forex pin dashboard

How to Get The Most Out of Forex-Pin

Forex-Pin can be used as a solo indicator without using any other indicator. But if you combined this tool with Agimat FX, you may get your results even better. And here is how to use both of them combined…

Once you get arrow from Forex-Pin and arrow from Agimat FX at the same time, it means the candle is close to a strong Support and Resistance (SnR).

Here is what you need to do to catch the moment:

  1. Mark the SnR zone.
  2. Wait till the candle hit the zone.
  3. When the zone hit, wait a confirmation from the Agimat FX white arrow.
  4. When you got the confirmation, you can place your order.
  5. Place your Target Profit on the next arrow by Forex-Pin.
  6. As an alternative, you can automate your trading with Forex Pin SSI EA (see below).

Forex Pin SSI EA

Instead of trading manually that might make you tired and stress (in waiting for a signal from the Pin indicator), now you can trade automatically with Forex Pin SSI EA.

Yes, Forex Pin is now available in EA also. Dennis created it to help many traders to have their own Forex business without spending much time. The EA do all the hard works for you.

How good is the EA?

Picture below should explain more its performance (start from September 2, 2019 till November 28, 2019):

forex pin ssi ea performance

To get the Special Offer of Forex Pin SSI EA, simply visit the link below:

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Pros and Cons


1. Forex-Pin is easy to install as it uses Installation Wizard that guides you in step-by-step installation.

2. You have a flexible time-frame options to trade Forex Pin system as the indicator works in several time-frames from M5 till D1 (but it performs best in M15 and H1 timeframe).

3. Neural Network which has ability to self learn and auto update, so the tool become smarter day by day.

4. The indicator’s signals are easy to execute as they are not bias, and very objective.

5. Unlike most trading indicators out there that are likely to be lagging, Forex-Pin gives you early detection. You just need to wait confirmation arrow.

6. Good customer support. For any issue, you can ask the support by email and as long as they are in office hours, you may expect of getting reply in two hour or less.

7. Unlike some other indicators out there that are charging monthly, Forex-Pin’s price is one-time payment with free future upgrades.

8. You just need to purchase 1 license to use Forex-Pin in as many as PCs as the license is based on trading account. And the limitation is 2 trading accounts. They can be in real or demo accounts.

9. The accuracy are pretty above average indicators. With such high accuracy, you can jump into the market with a high probability to win the trades.

10. Since Forex-Pin can be used in M15 time-frame, then you can get enough frequent signals. Means that you can trade almost at anytime during the trading days.


1. Forex-Pin requires a higher RAM of computer rather than average indicators.

2. The accuracy is not as big as the promises. I have run Forex-Pin for over 6 months, but I had never get up to 90% accuracy.

I recorded my trading statistic and split them for every 100 trades for evaluation. What I got so far are the average accuracy is 80%.

I am not saying that Dennis was lying when he said the accuracy is 90%. It is still a normal and acceptable marketing gimic. However, 80% accuracy is still very good comparing to other indicators out there which are mostly less than 65% of accuracy.

3. Like many other Forex tools, this product is NOT covered by money-back guarantee. Some traders need money-back guarantee to be more confident in purchasing a tool.

However this is still a normal policy in Forex industries as traders come and go every days. Sometimes they are losing money just because of being indiscipline or greedy, then they ask for refund to get some cash. I believe that is something that Dennis want to avoid in their “no refund” policy.


I hope this review gives you a complete picture of the tool, so you can make your decision to purchase it or not. Keep in mind, the most important thing to think about when you are making a buying decision is whether the product really work and worth your money or not.

Should you buy Forex-Pin? Will it be a good investment for your trading?

I can not tell you the answer as it really depends on you. But I can give you some clues to help you make your decision:

Do you like trading by following a winning system? Do you like trading in M15 and H1 time-frame? Will you satisfied with average winning rate of up to 80%?

If you’re answering YES to those questions, then Forex-Pin is a good choice.

Should you combine Forex-Pin with the Agimat FX?

Depends on your budget. As long as you have enough budget, adding Agimat FX will boost your accuracy even better. Keep in mind that any investment to both Forex-Pin and Agimat FX is one time investment and you can use it forever as the update is free for lifetime. With a proper trading management and strictly following the system, most of you can get your investment back just in weeks, comparing with the lifetime benefit.

So the only thing to consider regarding the adding of Agimat FX is only your budget. Just go for it if you have enough budget and just pending it for the next investment if you have a tight budget. You can start with Forex-Pin only.

Where to get Forex-Pin SPECIAL OFFER?

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