In this GPSForex Robot Review, you will get information about:

  1. Who is Mark Larsen
  2. What is GPSForex Robot
  3. Forward Test Trading Result
  4. Features on Version 3
  5. Back Test Trading Result
  6. Pros & Cons
  8. F.A.Q.


mark larsen - the founder of GPSForex robot

Mark Larsen is the man behind GPSForex Robot. But who is him actually?

He is the guy who made tens of trading system reviews, hundreds of trading lessons videos and the creator of EA Lab.
He is also a beta-tester of some commercial trading systems for the last 10 years.

With that much knowledge and experiences, he is the man you should take a look when he launch a trading system.


GPSForex robot 3

The term “GPS” is the same term as GPS on cars. It shows you the right direction. Based on the same concept, the GPSForex Robot (which is currently version 3) is designed to analyze and predict the direction of the next market movement and execute it automatically.

In the GPSForex Robot 3, Mark and his genius programmers, Antony and Ronald added a new reverse strategy to covers any lose probably occurs by opening a trade in the opposite direction. With this additional tricks, the robot becomes even more powerful than it’s Version 2.

Even the robot is promising a good monthly ROI (up to 30% a month), it has nothing to do with martingale, grid and NO-stop-loss trades (which is very risky) – which mostly used by most of trading robots out there.


Below is the official live trading result of the GPSForex Robot recorded by MyFXBook.

For you who might not know yet MyFxBook, it is a third party to independently record trading performance of a registered trading account. The data provided is real and it is un-interupted by user or any other party.

myfxbook growth chart

The above picture is a screenshot from this page (captured on July 27, 2020): Simply visit the link for latest update.

The record shows that GPSForex Robot 3 has passed a lot of “extraordinary situation” from 2014 till today, including: European crisis, gold extremely rising movement, many political issues, and even current worldwide economic with the pandemic situation. It still shows a good stable performance.

With deposit of 1 million dollars in 2014, it is now become over 3 million dollars! With only 13% of drawdown.
For you who might not know the average drawdown of popular trading robots out there, they are mostly above 25%.

While below is another live trading account performance using the GPSForex Robot 3 – complete with MyFxBook records, broker verification statement, and investor login:

Account owned by: Ronald
First deposit: May 21, 2012
Deposit: $100,000
Current balance: over $600,000
MyFxBook chart verification:
Broker verification statement:

broker verification statement

You can also use the investor password below to sign in to the trading account. This is a “read-only” mode which you can not modify anything on the trades, but you can see what exactly happened to the account. So nothing is hidden from you. You can easily see the real performance of this EA before you purchase it.

MT4 Login: 77193
Server: FXChoice-Classic Live
Investor Password: gpsrobot250

Check the account history to confirm everything stated on MyFxBook record. They will be perfectly matched as both show the real data and performance.


After hundreds of optimizations and coding, the new version GPSForex Robot 3 comes with new features below:

  1. Faster analysis and execution
    Up to 4x faster analysis and execution than previous version.
  2. About twice more profitable
    Version 3 is about twice more profitable than previous version as it has eliminated the weakness on version 2.
  3. Auto tweak configuration
    Since different configuration on the EA setting may provides different performance, then this robot automatically tweak several configurations and define the best one to implement for current trades on each trading pair.
  4. Trailing TP
    Another new feature is Trailing Target Profit to maximize your profit (optional).
  5. Manual Configuration Option
    The last feature is ability to change the auto-optimized settings to your own custom-setting (in case you prefer manual setting – but mostly you won’t need it).


A back-test should be less important than forward test as shown above. However, here are the back-test result to show you that the robot performs well in both forward and back test.

EURUSD 2007-2020

GPSForex robot 3 backtest on eurusd

USDCHF 2006-2020

GPSForex robot 3 backtest on usdchf


Below are some pros of this robot:

  • It is easy to use. Just like a plug and play software.
  • The EA comes with auto-tweak setting so you don’t have to tweak any configuration for maximum performance on each pair and time.
  • It is NOT using martingale, grid and NO SL trading methods which is too much risky.
  • Trading performance by using the robot is recorded by MyFxBook record. So anyone can check it’s performance before purchase the robot. With such transparency, you could purchase with confident.
  • It is covered with no-question-asked 60 days money back guarantee.

Below are some cons of this trading robot:

The sales letter tells you that the EA works 98% right, like a GPS on your car. This statement could trigger a miss-understanding that you will get a winning rate of 98%, which is too fantastic and unrealistic. It is not the case. You will NOT get such unbelievable winning rate.

However, keep in mind that in currency trading you don’t need that giant winning rate to make a stable profit. Not to mention, the winning rate is not the only parameter of your success. Because your profit is defined by two factors: winning rate and risk-reward ratio. In most cases, you just need a winning rate of over 60% with maximum risk to reward ratio of 1:1 to secure a good profit.

So, to avoid a miss-perception, you’d better ignore what’s stated above (about the 98% right). Simply focus on what shows on the MyFxBook trading performance and the backtest results. Let the numbers speak!


To access GPSForex Robot 3 Special Offer, you can use the link inside the button below. It ensures you to get the robot at the lowest price possible as anytime Mark Larsen publish his special offer, he put it there.

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Below are some frequent questions answered regarding the EA:

Q: What’s included the package?

A: The package includes: the robot (EA) you can easily download from members area and install on your MetaTrader, two bonuses including: several video tutorials and webinar recordings, and you get a dedicated support.

Q: How to login into trading account with investor password mentioned above?

A: First, you need to download the platform from But if you have already MT4 installed on your device, then you can use it too. The next step is to start the MT4, open File, choose Login and input the ID and the investor password mentioned above.

Q: GPSForex Robot checkout page is processed by Clickbetter. Is it a secure platform?

A: Yes, Clickbetter is a reputable digital product marketplace, almost as popular as Clickbank. It is very secured to purchase any product published on the marketplace. For payment, you can use: Master Card, Visa, Discover, AmEx and also Bitcoin.

Q: If for a reason I didn’t satisfied with the robot, how to request a refund?

A: As long as your request date is under the 60 days refund guarantee, you can easily request a refund by contacting Clickbetter Support at, or you can also contact the vendor’s support directly at

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