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In this article, you will learn the basic of Harmonic Pattern trading and the best Harmonic Scanner 2020 called FSO Harmonic Scanner, including:

  1. What is Harmonic Pattern trading?
  2. What is Harmonic scanner and why do you need it?
  3. FSO Harmonic Scanner – The #1 Best
  4. About Dennis Buchholz
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. How to use and get the most out
  7. Conclusion
  8. How to get FSO Harmonic Scanner – SPECIAL OFFER

What is Harmonic Pattern Trading?

Harmonic Pattern trading recognizes specific market structures known as “Harmonic Patterns” and uses them to foster trading ideas. Harmonic trading relies on the assertion that patterns tend to repeat themselves. It combines these patterns and math to come up with a reliable trading method. After identifying the patterns, a trader employs Fibonacci ratios to predict future movements.

Primary ratios (0.618 or 1.618) are the root of this methodology. You can find them in the majority of natural, environmental, and human-made structures and within society. The ratios are also present in the financial markets since they are affected by these environmental and societal factors.

There are different types of Forex Harmonic Patterns, which include the Gartley Pattern, Shark, Crab, Bat, ABCD, and Butterfly. Harmonic patterns were discovered initially by H.M Gartley in 1932, with the theory being developed later by Larry Pesavento.

What is Harmonic scanner and why do you need it?

The Harmonic scanner is a Forex scanner tool that can detect Harmonic patterns automatically. With a high accuracy rate, the tool helps you to trade Harmonic patterns effectively. With an indicator to help you determine market turning points, it enables you to develop a reversal trading strategy.

There are at least 6 different types of Harmonic patterns, and you need to study all of them to base a trading strategy. But with the helps of a Harmonic scanner, you don’t need to study them in detail. However, you will still need basic knowledge to recognize the patterns. With the tool, you can detect patterns of different magnitude and lengths.

Once you identify these patterns, you can apply the Fibonacci sequence on them to determine the exact turning points. While several people have helped improve on this method, the development of the technique is credited to Scott Carney. There is always a potential reversal zone (PRZ) no matter the pattern you chose.

Trading with Harmonic pattern requires highly complex mathematical and geometrical solutions, especially without the scanner. That’s why a Harmonic scanner is a necessary tool. To efficiently use this method, you need constant practice. If you’re patient, sooner or later, you will reap the rewards.

FSO Harmonic Scanner – The #1 Best

There are tens of Harmonic scanners on the market. But only a few come with high accuracy and fast detection. The most favorite one chosen by most professional Harmonic traders is FSO Harmonic Scanner.

The FSO Harmonic Scanner is a forex indicator for MetaTrader4 (MT4). With an accuracy of 80%, it is no wonder that it is one of the most sought after forex indicators in the market. Powered by an Artificial Intelligence named Neural Network, it does all the heavy lifting on your behalf.

You don’t have to scan each single pair and time frame manually. Along with displaying these calculations for you, it also lays out the trap zones and the Market Makers Swings for your viewing. With keen accuracy, it can predict future volume measurements using Maxwell’s Equation Theory oscillator.

The FSO Harmonic Scanner can allow you to click through all available patterns, pairs, and timeframes without ever having to switch or create new charts. The system is also connected to a neural network which collects and configures data from financial markets and provides you with all the information you need for entry, take profit, and stop loss. With this information, you can trade boldly without the fear of making losses.

Other advantages

The FSO Harmonic Scanner makes trading easy for you. With a glance, you can be able to tell Harmonic patterns that have formed in every timeframe from a minute up to a month when operating on the MT4.

You also receive an entry alert on your trading chart as soon as a Market Maker pattern appears such as Head and Shoulders, Half a Batman, W patterns, and M or V Patterns. Sometimes the Market Makers try to deceive retailers by using their order sizes and timing. In most cases, it is to provoke traders to go in the opposite direction. With the FSO Harmonic Scanner, you can detect such moves with 80% accuracy.

It also prevents you from trading on these fake moves and aggressive stop hunt breakouts. Installing the scanner is easy because the process is automated. Once you make your purchase, you will receive an email that contains a registration link for your license, and then you can proceed to installation.

You will also receive a smart installation wizard and a video that guides you through the installation process. The scanner is compatible with different operating systems including; Windows, Linux, and Mac.

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About Dennis Buchholz

dennis buchholz

Dennis Buchholz is the developer of the FSO Harmonic Scanner and is the founder of FX Tech Group Ltd. He leads the daily operations at the software engineering company. These operations include global sales and AI Neural Network development. Dennis is also a Renown Forex trader. FX Tech Group Ltd has offices in Hong Kong and Spain. The brand and logo are registered trademarks approved by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Pros and Cons

While the FSO Harmonic Scanner is regarded as of the best and most widely used Forex indicators for MT4, you will still run into some negative reviews online as is the case with many similar products. In this section, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of the scanner, why many regard it as an excellent tool and why some still have concerns about it.


  1. While many other similar products require a monthly or annual payment, purchasing the FSO Harmonic Scanner requires only a one-time fee. Once you buy this tool, you will not be required to pay additional charges. All updates are also included in the one –time fee. You are therefore guaranteed to be up and running always.
  2. You can create 2 MT4 accounts using the one-time purchased license. Therefore, you might decide to operate on a demo account and a live account if you are new to it.
  3. The FSO Harmonic Scanner is also compatible with multiple operating systems making it convenient for use for a wide range of traders. As mentioned earlier, the FSO Harmonic is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  4. It is suitable for newbies and experienced traders alike. Since most processes are automated (including installation) and run by artificial intelligence, the scanner is relatively easy to use for those who are new in the business and experienced traders alike. Additionally, the product comes with tutorials that will teach you how to trade using the tool.
  5. Once you purchase the FSO Harmonic Scanner, you have access to fast online support that is readily available whenever you need assistance in your trading. You will get an invitation to join Dennis Buchholz’s private telegram group where he posts Forex Signals.
  6. The FSO Harmonic Scanner can self-improve and learn from mistakes through the artificial intelligence neural network. It does this by automatically adding new algorithms and codes.
  7. The scanner also uses much larger data points compared to others, which means that it should give higher accuracy. While the scanner uses over 5 Million data points inside its algorithm, the average scanner uses about 500k data points.
  8. The FSO Harmonic can define the optimum target Profit and also the Safe Stop Loss, unlike many other scanners. It eliminates the need to calculate the levels manually with Fibonacci Projection.


  1. The scanner takes too long to start (about 2-3 minutes longer than other scanners). That is because it has some of the biggest data points. It takes longer to load the data and scan preferences in instruments and timeframes. However, this is not a significant issue if you run the scanner on VPS or if your computer stays on all the time while trading.
  2. The User interface can initially appear crowded at times, especially if your monitor is small. The upside of this is that you can customize it to remove the unnecessary parts and remain with the ones on which you want to focus.

How to use and get the most out

While the scanner is definitely meant to make trading more straightforward, you must be well-disciplined and well able to manage money if you want to make the best out of it. Different users have different keys to what works for them while using the scanner. Below are other tips from various users on how to use the Scanner and get the most out of it.

  • According to some users, the right timeframe is most crucial. Instead of using lower timeframes like H1 or M30, these users prefer to use H4. The price movement is less noised and therefore gives more accurate patterns while using H4 compared to using lower timeframes.
  • Most users use Virtual Private Servers to run the scanner 24 hours during the trading days. It helps prevent them from missing grand opportunities, especially for traders with H4 timeframes and above.
  • Some users suggest that the key to getting the most out of the scanner is in looking out for the Right Target Profit and the Tight Trailing Stop. These users use TP2 as the target when they use higher timeframes like H4 and beyond. They also use TP1 as a target when using lower timeframes such as H1 or lower. Whenever the TP1 hits, they move the stop to breakeven.
  • According to some users, the best-known patterns to look out for are: the Crab, Bat, Butterfly, and Gartley. These patterns are the most accurate and have higher winning rates. To trade accurately, you have to be keen and learn the moves of the Money Makers.


All in all, the FSO Harmonic Scanner is a worthy investment compared to other products in the market. With a one-time fee that includes all future updates for the product, you will be able to turn a profit in due time if you stick to the rules.  Most of the process are fully automated and relatively simple for newbies to understand.

However, you might still need to learn a few things on your way to profitable trading. Make sure to watch all the tutorial videos that come with the purchase and take advantage of the online support groups to get up to speed. Your license allows you to create an MT4 demo account to help you practice until you get a handle on things before graduating to a live account.

It is vital to purchase the FSO Harmonic Scanner from the official website as there are some pirated versions of the scanner which do not have access to the neural network that powers the scanner.

How to get FSO Harmonic Scanner – SPECIAL OFFER

Some of you may heard that some vendors out there are claiming that they have the pirated software of FSO Harmonic Scanner which is sold for extremely cheap and claimed to be working as good as the original version. DON’T trust them! It is totally BS. Why? Because the power of FSO is placed on its Neural Network, “the brain” of the software. And the Neural Network is placed on Dennis Buchholz’s server, which is no way to get accessed by any pirated software.

The only way to get the FSO Harmonic Scanner at the best price is through Dennis Buchholz’s SPECIAL OFFER page. Because anytime Dennis launch a special offer, he launch it on the page. Here is the link to the page:

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