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  5. Investors Underground Chat Rooms
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  7. Investors Underground Webinars
  8. Investors Underground Courses
  9. Mentorship
  10. Who Should Join Investors Underground?
  11. Secret Access Links to Investors Underground Special Offer 2020

So let’s get started…

What is Investors Underground

Investors Underground has been around since 2008 and it is currently the most famous trading and investing chat rooms on internet. The chat room is the biggest chat room on the planet. You will find many well-known traders, like Nathan Michaud (the founder), Tim Grittani, Eric Wood, and many more in the chat room. Previously, Investors Underground was available on platform, but currently they stand independently on their official site (

Investors Underground is a “one-stop” of day trading community, chat room, and education service. All in one place. IU offers two trading courses to get new traders enter the market: Textbook Trading (for beginners) and Tandem Trader (for advanced traders). The company is owned and was founded by Nathan Michaud. See paragraph below to know more about Nathan Michaud, the founder.

Who is Nathan Michaud?

Nathan Michaud is a well-known trader in the world of stock online trading. People know him by his Twitter @InvestorsLive.

Nathan Michaud has been in day trading since 2003 and went full-time in 2007 after graduating college with a degree in finance. In 2004, he founded a website called, which later becomes Investors Underground in 2008.

Nathan is known for having a good intuition for the markets and you can see some of his calls on Twitter. He trades a variety of stocks and he takes both sides of the market movement (long and short).

Investors Underground Trading Style

Investors Underground is a pool of day traders with different trading styles. There are multiple trading chat rooms that are segmented based on their trading style. The service offers chat rooms for Momentum trading, Swing trading, and Penny Stock trading. But, the momentum trading gets the most focus.

Basically, momentum trading is to find and execute stocks with above-average trading volume and volatility. This is what exactly Investors Underground traders are doing. This is the style between the scalping trading and swing trading as most trades are held for a few hours.

The majority of the trading executed in Investors Underground is based on technical analysis. Nathan and team put a lot of focus on seeking for setups with potential high reward low risk.

Some of them include ABCD charts (similar to an ascending triangle), trading red/green reversals, short selling parabolic moves, and many more. The main indicator most traders use in the chat room is VWAP, a volume-weighted moving average that helps in smooth price action.

If you compared Investors Underground to the other trading chat rooms like Timothy Sykes and Fous Alerts, you’ll find that there are much more activities in Investors Underground. Nathan and team are trading many different stocks and setups, from $1 stocks to $100 stocks every single day. And they play both long trades and short trades. So it is normal that at the first time you’ll be a bit difficult to keep up with the fast-paced trading style. Once you get a week or two, everything will be not too fast.

See video below to better understand the trading style from the Tandem Trader clip:

Investors Underground Stock Watch Lists

Investors Underground told us that to become a successful day trader, you must have a good preparation in every single day, before you jump into the market. That’s why every night Nathan and a few other moderators send out a stock watch list. The list includes stock charts, stock tickers, and explanations of why you should watch the stock in the list, and what to look for from each of them.

Each moderator has a unique trading style. For example, Cody has a more focus on penny stock and sector specific watch list, while Dante puts on many good short opportunities, and Nathan puts his focus on momentum trading opportunities.

The point plus of the daily watch lists are that you can learn a lot from the lists, i.e., why the moderator is watching the stocks and the approach taken in the trades.

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

There are 3 chat rooms inside the Investors Underground: Momentum, Swing, and OTC. The Momentum has the most activities, but the other rooms are helpful as well. Below are the summary of each of the chat rooms:

Momentum Chat Room

Here are what you will find in the Momentum Chat Room:

  1. It’s all about business only — I have joined several trading chat rooms, in almost them all I found a space for “unimportant talks” which is just a waste of time. But not in IU. Every single message inside the chat will be always about the business because the moderator do not allow any “out of topic” talks.
  2. More key traders — Unlike many trading chat and services out there which is focusing around a single day trader, IU has many of experienced traders who share trade alerts throughout the day. The moderators posts are shown in different font so can be easy to be followed. Some of the well known contributors are InvestorsLive, Elkwood, OddStockTrader, OzarkTrades, Tim Grittani, TexMex, and many more. They all have different trading styles so there are plenty of strategies to learn.
  3. Not just to follow, but learn — There are many of chat rooms out there give you the alerts only and leave you in zero learning forever. That is what Investors Underground wants to avoid. Instead of just following a buy/sell “signal”, IU ask you to learn something from every alerts provided. So, you will see a many of jargon you need to familiarize with, however there is a started page to help you. The alerts can be about the price action, news, fillings, etc.

Below is an example of the chat inside the Momentum Chat Room:

Swing Trading Chat Room

The Swing Trading chat room is managed by Michele Koenig, founder of Tradeonthefly. Unlike the Momentum trading which often hold stocks just for hours, the swing trading hold stock for a longer period of time like several days or weeks and sometimes months.

Michele herself is constantly sharing charts and trade ideas in the chat room. Since the trades often hold stocks in a longer period of time, then it is good for those who have no time to sitting and watching the market all day long.

OTC Trading Chat Room

The OTC chat room activity is closely related to the OTC market itself. The more volatile the OTC market, the more active the chat room. That’s why you will see sometimes this chat room run so slow because there is too little or even no significant movement in the OTC market at the time.

There are a few great traders in this chat room, including OddStockTrader, bbstock, oilgusher, and many more. These guys often post great opinions to guide you on how to trade the penny stocks the right way.

Investors Underground Trade Recap Video Lessons

As mentioned above, your first days in IU can be tough since you need to learn and to be familiar with the rationale behind the alerts. So it is advised that you take your focus to the trading video lessons, at least for your first week or until you can understand the alerts clearly.

You can learn from introductory video lessons and also from Nathan Michaud’s trade recap videos that he makes at every the end of weeks. Nate goes over the trades and explains the reasons behind the taken trades. You can learn a lot even from just a few of the videos.

However, it is advised to learn at your own pace so you get a good understanding of the trading methodology. Keep in mind that a good understanding is more preferred than the learning speed.

Below is an example of the video lesson:

Investors Underground Webinars

By joining the Investors Underground, you can join monthly webinars which all members can ask questions and will be answered by the experts during the webinar. The webinars also go over the trading activity in more depth, so you can speed up your learning curve (because you can learn and ask questions and answered at the same time).

Mostly, the webinars are hosted by Nathan, OddStockTrader, and Emil. They all have different trading style in focus, so you may learn more complete trading strategies and able to see a trade from many different angle of trading styles.

Below is a the webinar example:

Investors Underground Courses

There are two comprehensive trading courses inside the IU: Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader. The courses are sold separately from the main subscription, and here are the quick rundown of the courses:

Textbook Trading is 8-hour video training as your introduction to day trading. It covers everything you need to know to get started into day trading. However, the content is not about the basic knowledge only. It also covers a lot of advanced trading strategies that will be good for you in the long run. This one is definitely the best trading course for beginners.

Tandem Trader is 12-hour advanced day trading video course. This is really one of the best advanced trading courses on the market. There is nothing like Tandem Trader. This course features recorded trades with commentary. Nathan Michaud spent up to a year recording his screens so he could capture trades in real-time. Tandem Trader features these recordings with Nathan’s commentary along the video. Watching this course is like trading with a top trader on your side.


Even though the Investors Underground is about trading chat and learning center, it is also about trading consultation with experts. For example, you can ask advice from Nathan Michaud or other experts in IU. You’ll be surprised with how helpful Nathan when you have specific questions about your trading. He is known as a very helpful person. The same with all of his team-mates.

However, keep in mind that they are not a full-time trading counselor, they are actually full-time trader. So, your question might face a delay to get answered. Another thing, make sure you are the right question. For example, you are not asking something that you can actually googling.

If you have question outside of market hours, you can get it answered during the webinars. There are a few webinars each month for continued learning and personalized attention.

Who Should Join Investors Underground?

Investors Underground is best for traders who already have at least a little basic understanding of how the market works. If you are really new in day trading and understand nothing about day trading, you will get confused in the chat room. So, it is advised to educate yourself at least a very basic understanding of how the stocks market works.

Investors Underground provides the most value to traders who are able to watch the markets during the market hours. There are tons of valuable alerts and you will learn something new every single day. If you are looking to trade actively, then Investor Underground is the best chat room for you to join. Not only it has a lot of excellent materials to learn from and a very good alerts complete with the reasons of taking them, but inside the Investor Underground you get instant access to some of world’s best traders!

Secret Access Links to Investors Underground Special Offer 2020

Based on the billing cycle, there are three options to join the Investors Underground:

  • Monthly subscription,
  • Quarterly subscription,
  • and Annual subscription

All subscriptions include options to join the Chat Rooms only OR join the Chat Rooms + DVD Courses (Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader).

The DVD courses are ONE TIME payment.
So, if you choose the Chat Rooms + DVD Courses in monthly subscription for example, then you’ll pay the DVD Courses only at your first billing. The future billings will be for the Chat Rooms only.

If you want to join at monthly subscription, here is the link to get the best price available in Investors Underground:

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