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Sorry, ND10X has been discontinued by the owner.
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In this article, you will get information about:

  1. What is ND10X
  2. How does ND10X work
  3. ND10X Features
  4. Customer Support
  5. The Pros
  6. The Cons
  7. Pricing and Special Offer
  8. Conclusion

Forex trading has been seen by numerous individuals across the world as one of the many ways of generating income online. It has gained popularity across all the corners of the world due to various reasons. For instance, the convenience it offers, flexibility and advancement in technology are some of the reasons that have contributed to the popularity of Forex trading.

As the popularity of Forex trading increases, individuals are spending sleepless nights trying to discover viable trading techniques that can guarantee them favorable returns. This has led to the discovery of various trading tools meant to make it easier for traders to analyze and interpret the complex Forex market data and thus make effective trading decisions. If you happen to browse the internet, you will realize that there are very many trading indicators however, none of them can outshine the ND10X system.



You could be wondering what is this ND10X trading system however, worry no more as I will be sharing all of this information in this piece of article. This trading system was introduced by one of the most reputable Forex experts named Nicola Delic. It was designed with the main aim of providing traders with the top secrets, tips and proven tricks that can guarantee profits.

nicola delic
Nicola Delic

This trading product proves to be the most useful as it offers solutions to all the challenges encountered by almost all traders. Analyzing Forex market data manually is one of the most challenging tasks that individuals face and this is why the handy product was introduced by Nicola Delic.

As the name of this product may suggest, it promises to give you all the trading information a trader would need to make 10X the amount invested and 10X faster than any other know trading system. This can be justified by the positive reviews from all the users who have benefited from this product. If you happen to browse the internet, you will realize that most users of ND10X have nothing to say other than to praise this precious product.

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Before we can deep, it’s good that you understand how ND10X works. This article would be of no use to you if you don’t learn how this product works. The product is based on three special custom indicators:

  • CloudTrend Indicator
  • CloudPrice Indicator
  • CloudTMA Indicator

It comes with a chart template as well as system indicators all included in the auto-installation wizard. To begin the auto-installation wizard, traders simply need to double-tap the EXE file and then follow the prompts to get the system installed on their MTN trading platforms. After this, you will have access to the most valid trading decisions.

You will need to go through the manual provided so that you can learn how to find the best Buy and/or Sell trades. This manual clearly defines the entry and exit points and meant to make work easier for you as a trader.

To get the best trading decisions from this tool, you should wait until when the price cross above the middle cloudTMA indicator. Then make certain that the cloudPrime indicators have formed a blue-colored bar past the 0 levels.

Once this happens, you can decide to place the take profit an equivalent distance away from your entry as your stop loss. If you can do this, then rest assured that this tool will take your trade to the next levels.


1.    Training Materials

One of the things included in this trading system is the Training Materials. This is, in reality, one of the most important parts that where Nicola Delic gives his best. In this section, all traders are provided with all the materials that contain useful trading information as well as trading videos. Once you study these materials keenly, you will be equipped with all the information you would need to understand the working of ND10X.

Nicola Delic devoted most of his time preparing all these materials in a way that everybody can understand (regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader). The videos provided here will take you through the automated mechanism that will show you how to identify and digest the signs and also shows you the trading openings you should take.

Likewise, a trader will have a chance to witness the webinars as well as live trades with Nicola Delic. This is very important as it lets traders see how the owner of this product uses it to make trading decisions that lead to profits.

2.    Phase Scanner

Another important feature of ND10X is the Phase Scanner. This gives traders the convenience they would need while trading. With the help of a phase scanner, traders don’t have to worry about the currency pairs to trade. Phase scanner fills up all the necessary trading information on a chart and thus it becomes very easy for traders to read and interpret the information provided. Once you click on any currency pair, the phase scanner fetches all the information you need and you can see this loading on the dashboard.

3.    The Smart Dashboard

smart dashboard

Smart Dashboard is yet another handy feature that you should learn about. It is meant to provide traders with accurate data. For instance, it tells when a particular currency pair has the best moves, when to trade and when not to, the present volatility of the Forex market place, etc. Likewise, the indicator dashboard makes it possible for all traders to execute trades with ease.

4.    Auto-Installer

ND10X comes with auto-installer so that you don’t struggle too much while installing it to your system.

5.    Zenith Point System

This is a very special system that is designed to function on any platform including MT4. For various trading platform, you may use AxiTrader as your forex broker. Read Axitrader Review to get more information on the broker. It has a divergence indicator that let’s trade to spot divergences with forms the basis of setting up a trade.

6.    Dynamic Cash Tracker

Has two systems which combine to unleash cash into your Forex trading account.


When it comes to customer support, ND10X proves to be unbeatable. They have very dedicated and polite customer support that is willing to solve all the issues you may be experiencing while using this product. You should never worry about anything since you can easily access the customer support desk. Their customer support offer live chat and you can also reach them via email or Skype.


After knowing what ND10X is and how to use it, you should now learn the benefits you will enjoy while using this trading product introduced by Nicole Delic.

1.    Ease to Use

Whether you are an experienced trader or just a beginner, you will realize that using the ND10X indicator is not complicated and anybody can do this. This product gives signals that are clear and easy to interpret. The signals are also very reliable.

2.    Keep Learning

Since it comes with training materials that include video and live webinars, you will never stop learning. The live trades you get access to will improve your trading skills and thus make you even better.

3.    Transparent

Nicole Delic is very transparent and does not play dirty games. In case you happen to purchase this product and later feel that it does not meet you perceive expectation, you always claim a refund and you will get it back without a moment delay.

4.    Guaranteed 24/7 Support

If you purchase this product and experience any issue while using it, you can allow reaching the readily accessible and competent customer desk via your device. The customer support here responds promptly and your issues are sorted out instantly.

5.    User-Friendly

If you have tried some other Forex trading indicators, you may have realized most of them are not user-friendly especially for beginners. The case is different when it comes to ND10X as it is built on a platform that is easy to use. You will enjoy the convenience.

6.    No Experience Needed

You don’t need to be experienced to use this product. Learning to use will only take a short and once you grab the basic, you will be as good as a pro.

7.    Enjoy the Bonuses

There are very decent bonuses waiting for you once you purchase this product. Since we all love good deals you should not afford to miss this.

8.    Clear Instructions provided

The system comes with a user-friendly manual that is meant to give you clear guidance on how you should use it. You will not have to struggle too much to understand the basics. If you can follow the instructions as they are, you will be on your way to success.


Just like everything else, the system has a few cons that can, however, be rectified by the owner.

Some feel it’s Expensive

ND10X costs traders up to $499 and some, affording this amount can be very challenging. Some individuals can invest this amount in Forex market leave alone affording the product.


The current price of ND10X by Tradeology is $499. This is fair pricing considering all the benefits you enjoy when you make a purchase. Where some traders might feel as if this product is overpriced, I would say it’s not. At this price, the product guarantees you higher chances of making profits than any other trading indicator you may find in the market.

The good news is, through the link inside the button below, you can get the ND10X Special Offer:

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As mentioned earlier in this article, if a trader happens to purchase this product and later find out that the product does not meet his perceived expectations, he/she can claim his money. There is a 60-day money-back-guarantee and this is enough time to test the product and see whether it fulfills your trading desires.


Traders of all levels can benefit from this trading indicator as it contains the solution to all the trading challenges.


This is one of the most asked questions that most individuals ask whenever trying ND10X. This is understandable since nobody would want to purchase such an expensive trading indicator and later find that it was a scam. However, the truth of the matter is that it is not a scam and has no intention to be. It’s very legit and will remain this way. Individuals who have used it before can testify this.


If you’ve read the above article keenly, you agree with me that there is no any other Forex trading indicator in the market like ND10X. Just think of all the benefits it offers and the guaranteed profits you will make while trading with Nicole Dilec. You need to try this tool if you are looking to maximize your trade.

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