ND10X by Nicola Delic – Review & Access Link to SPECIAL OFFER

In this ND10X Review, you will get information about:

  1. What is ND10X
  2. Who is Nicola Delic
  3. Ideas behind ND10X system
  4. Master Classes
  5. Pros and Cons
  6. Bonuses

What is ND10X


ND10X is a revolutionary system which combine a trading training and trading software created by Nicola Delic.

The main concept with ND10X is to turn your money 10x in 10 days.
Ie: Turn your $100 to $1,000 in 10 days… , then turn your $1,000 to $10,000 in 10 days… and so on.

This is a complete trading system that spots profitable setups in seconds and offers extremely accurate trading signals to execute.

To get maximum benefits from ND10X, you need to totally change your mind, your paradigm, your mindset. Forget anything you have learned before about Forex trading. You really need to “empty your glass” because ND10X comes with most out-of-the-box concepts.

It will be hard to follow if you still keep your old mindset. For example, most of Forex gurus out there taught you that the ideal Return on Investment (ROI) in Forex business is about 8% – 10% a month, and any number above it is “too risky” or even categorized as gambling.

While the fact, in ND10X system Nicola Delic teaches you on how to turn 10X your money in 10 days, which means you could get ROI of 10% a day, not a month (by still taking acceptable risk).

Who is Nicola Delic

nicola delic

Nicola Delic is a professional trader who started from a computer kid. He learnt computer coding since he was 13 years old. He even got a job offer by Microsoft at 16 but he didn’t take it because he was more motivated in Forex business.

Nicola Delic is a popular man in TVs, magazines, blogs and interviews. Bank and institutions pay him up to $25,000 for his in-depth analysis to the market. He is a hedge fund who started his journey at:
Tivat Investment, Singapore Grand Capital, Phoenix Capital, Instaforex, FTI Consulting, Elliott Wave Forecast and ForexMoney.

Nicola Delic is the teacher of some phenomenal Forex guys like: Vladimir Ribakov (the founder of Traders Academy Club), Panos K, Yordan K, etc.

Ideas behind ND10X system

ND10X trading doesn’t take high frequency trades. It executes only high-probability to win positions.

ND10X uses software (indicator) to eliminate feelings, emotions and human mistakes. Also, by using indicator, you could monitor as many as pairs, to give you as many as opportunities to execute.

There are two main features in the indicator: The Dashboard and The Phases. The Dashboard will identify a high probability trades, while the Phases will identify a super high probability trades. For sure the Phases get a fewer positions than the Dashboard’s catch.

This is the same system used by Nicola himself for his daily trades and for his million dollars hedge fund.

Master Classes

nd10x master classes

There are 5 Master Classes inside the member area. Including:

Master Class 1

This class is about the right mindset before you start trading.

Master Class 2

The second class is about technical trading, market cycles, trend analysis, support resistance, fibonacci trading, candlestick formations and short guide on economical releases.

Master Class 3

Here you will learn about MT4 basic: How to install MT4, how to setup and overview of indicators, tools and templates. This class also covers day trading setup, long and short trading setup, and swing trading rules.

Master Class 4

In this class you will watch on how Nicola Delic executes his trades in step by step.

Master Class 5

This class is about building target for the next 90 days, monthly trades review and how to start your trading transformation.

Here is what the member area looks like:

member area of nd10x

Beside the regular class, you will also get once a week live webinar to teach each Master Class deeper. In the webinar, you can ask any question, share your charts, your trading plans, etc. to discuss and consult. They are all free of charge for all members of ND10X.

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Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to Use
    Whether you are an experienced trader or just a beginner, you will realize that using the ND10X indicator is not complicated and anybody can do this. This product gives signals that are clear and easy to interpret. The signals are also very reliable.
  2. Keep learning
    Since it comes with training materials that include video and live webinars, you will never stop learning. The live trades you get access to will improve your trading skills and thus make you even better.
  3. Transparent
    Nicole Delic is very transparent and does not play dirty games. In case you happen to purchase this product and later feel that it does not meet you perceive expectation, you always claim a refund and you will get it back without a moment delay.
  4. 24/7 support
    If you purchase this product and experience any issue while using it, you can allow reaching the readily accessible and competent customer desk via your device. The customer support here responds promptly and your issues are sorted out instantly.
  5. User-friendly
    If you have tried some other Forex trading indicators, you may have realized most of them are not user-friendly especially for beginners. The case is different when it comes to ND10X as it is built on a platform that is easy to use. You will enjoy the convenience.
  6. No experience needed
    You don’t need to be experienced to use this product. Learning to use will only take a short and once you grab the basic, you will be as good as a pro.
  7. The webinar session is really worth the investment
    Unlike any other forex course which some of them also provide webinars, here in ND10X you get a chance to consult your trades and plans with Nicola Delic himself for free. This one alone worth over the product’s price.
  8. Clear instructions provided
    The system comes with a user-friendly manual that is meant to give you clear guidance on how you should use it. You will not have to struggle too much to understand the basics. If you can follow the instructions as they are, you will be on your way to success.
  9. Money back guarantee
    Purchasing this system is absolutely zero risk investment as the product is covered by Clickbank 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If – for any reason – you didn’t satisfy with this product, you may ask for refund and it is a “no-questioned-asked” refund policy.


  1. Some feel it’s Expensive
    For some traders the price is a little bit expensive. However when it comes to Forex business, you need to keep in mind that a good investment in knowledge and tools could be nothing comparing to the total money you potentially lost when you trade with improper knowledge and tools.
  2. You need a learning curve
    Even the system is designed to create you a smart trader, you will still need a learning curve to watch and learn the Master Classes and also setup your plans. But keep in mind that there is NO succeed without learning curve. If you saw an offer promised you could get succeed overnight (zero learning curve), you should stay away from the offer!


Beside the main package of ND10X (The Master Classes & The Software), you’ll get some BONUSES from Nicola Delic.

The Bonuses consist of Mega Bonuses and Extra Bonuses.

Mega Bonuses

mega bonuses

Mega Bonus #1: Elliott Wave DNA

Elliott Wave is a theory created by a genius accountant in the 1920s who studied the 75 years historical data of Dow Jones. This theory became so popular as the prediction to the market is almost perfect (as long as you could understand the whole rules behind the wave theory). Unfortunately, only a few traders could really understand the whole rules.

As stated above, Nicola Delic has ever work as analyst in Elliott Wave Forecast company before he jump into hedge fund manager. He really know the wave theory. Instead of studying the whole wave theory rules that could take you months (or even years), you could learn the DNA of Elliott Wave from the experienced expert. This is a short cut to learn big stuff in a shortest time.

Mega Bonus #2: Scientific Trading Machine

This is a strategy and also mindset on how to make a small fortune in less time than you ever think before. It is something like how to trade with 80% winning rate by utilizing technology that no body knows. This strategy enables Nicola’s students to trade with only $1000 capital and making $2,063 in profit. It took 25 trades which consists of 21 wins and 4 loses (84% win rate).

Mega Bonus #3: Forex Master Levels

Forex Master Levels is a 4 Steps strategy which is specially designed for traders with small capital. This is a module to complete the Mega Bonus #2. If the Mega Bonus #2 is about the weapon, the Mega Bonus #3 is about how to get maximize the weapon use.

Extra Bonuses

extra bonuses

Extra Bonus #1: Zenith Point System

This is a tool to enable you to get into the “start point” of a new trend. By entry at the very early position of a new trend, you have the largest potential profit to take (maximize your profit).

Extra Bonus #2: Dynamic Cash Tracker

This is a custom indicator based on MarCo Moving Average. Beside this indicator, you also get a guide on how to use this indicator and read the MarCo MA correctly.

Extra Bonus #3: 80/20 System

This tool is good to reduce or minimize the loss in your trades. No matter how good is our trading strategy, there will still be a chance to lose. This tool help you on how to minimize the money you lost as little as possible.

Extra Bonus #4: Dynamo Trading System

This is a tool to inform you which pair at the time has the highest probability to win. It shows only pairs with win rate of 71% or above. Here is what it looks like:

Extra Bonus #5: Ultimate Pattern System

This is a video tutorial on how to read and predict the market when you have only the chart to read. By having this knowledge, you will still be able to trade even when you lost all your indicators and tools.

Extra Bonus #6: Forex Power Pro

This is a custom 2 indicators to provide you simple trading (by using the two indicators only). This two in one indicator is good for anyone looking for simplicity in trading.

Extra Bonus #7: Elliott Wave Black Book

Combining with the Mega Bonus #1 above, this e-book will give you a better view in understanding the Elliott Wave.


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