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In this Traders Academy Club Review, you will learn:

  1. Brief overview
  2. About Vladimir Ribakov the founder
  3. Who is Traders Academy Club for?
  4. What will you get from TAC
  5. The Pros
  6. The Cons
  7. Final thoughts — and HOW TO GET SPECIAL OFFER

Brief Overview

Forex trade is quickly becoming one of the most attractive online money-making ventures. Many people, realizing this opportunity, have flocked to the market hoping to reap the benefits. What they often do not know is that the industry has been around for over seven decades and only recently began operating online.

Most people have also realized the pitfalls of engaging in this trade blindly without thorough research as it may bring significant losses. For beginners, this can be disheartening and may force them out of business. Even seasoned traders can make a series of misinformed decisions that may cost them a good amount of their profits.

Soon traders realize that forex trading is not a get rich-quick scheme. It takes a long time to learn and master market trends, analysis, and strategies to reap gainful profits. This is what Traders Academy Club try to solve.

In this review, we will delve into key information about Traders Academy Club. Including information about the founder, the content of the academy, and the Pros and Cons. At the end of this review, you should have all the key information to decide on whether to invest in membership or not. Also, you can see how to join at Special Offer.

About Vladimir Ribakov the founder

vladimir ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov is a world-renowned forex trader. With over 11 years of trading experience, he has had massive success that has earned him high status in the global forex community. Ribakov often speaks in international seminars, sharing his knowledge, passion, and journey in forex trading with other traders.

In addition to being a regular speaker around the world, he has mentored many traders online in a network that quickly expanded. After realized the impact he was having to other traders’ success, Ribakov decided to develop an open platform for a larger audience. Then Traders Academy Club (TAC) was born.

On the platform, Ribakov shares his process through a series of videos and live trading shows where he goes through his process. All this is geared towards traders of all levels of experience—from absolute beginners to experienced traders.

Who is Traders Academy Club for?

Traders Academy Club doesn’t target a specific group of traders. Rather, it purports its open platform to be a community of learning traders of a variety of skill levels. Because it doesn’t limit itself by providing information strictly for a certain level of experience. All traders can benefit, from beginners with no experience in forex trade to experts who may want a new way to strategies.

TAC’s approach to helping traders is providing foundation by simulating real-life forex trade situations and feedback on outcomes. This is especially great for learners who want to see exactly how this is done and dive into market analysis from a practical angle.

In the platform, learners can access a number of resources that take them through the trading decision-making process. This is further fortified by Ribakov’s live trading sessions that occur twice a day. Through this, it exposes traders to market trends, analysis approaches, and some strategies to use. It is these skills that traders then use to make decisions in their own trades.

What this program does well is to eliminate the trial and error process which can be especially costly for beginner traders. By equipping them with extensive trading simulations and connecting traders with others, their learning curve ups very fast.

For beginners:

This program can be essential in developing key analysis competencies and a broad knowledge base on market trends. This becomes critical when making trading decisions in the future.

What makes joining TAC is fun is the pared-down and bite-size information that is disseminated over the year of membership. That gives plenty of time for beginners to get a handle on the trading process. From market analysis, identifying potentially profitable trades, to evaluating past trends to make future decisions.

For more experienced traders:

You get value in seeing a professional, successful trader at work and be part of his decision-making process. Although his decision doesn’t guarantee profitable outcomes, it does help in knowing the key indicators to look at in making decisions. This translates to more informed and analytical decision making to your own business.

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What will you get from Traders Academy Club

inside the traders academy club

To gain access to TAC’s program, you’ll need to pay $197 for a year of access to content. What you get are:

  1. Access to live trading webinars.
  2. Daily market analytics.
  3. Education on analysis.
  4. Access to a community of like-minded traders.
  5. Learn from guest traders.
  6. Learn how to use technical analysis methods.
  7. Useful downloads and resources.
  8. Comprehensive media archives.
  9. Trading career opportunities.
  10. Access to Swing Points Strategy.

Let’s have a deeper look at these benefits…

1. Live trading webinars.

Once a day, Ribakov goes live for 30 to 50 minutes and takes you along his decision making for trade decisions. He thoroughly explains the trade mechanics he looks at and why he gives the recommendations he does. You get to learn his approach to trading and the important questions he asks before making the decisions. What you learn is the analysis behind signals and you can apply similar thinking to your own trading decisions.

Although the live trading webinars are held in European and U.S. time zones, those who are not able to view them live can access the videos in the video archive.

2. Daily market analytics.

Following the live trading webinars, you will receive detailed analysis reports on the decisions made during the live trading webinars. Analytical methods applied and forecast guide for the rest of the day.

These two documents are designed to equip you with the analytical eye to view potential trade opportunities on that day. By following Ribakov’s live trading webinar, you can easily apply some of the tactics to make profitable decisions on the same day. Included in the guides is information regarding the best products or currencies for trade that day.

3. Education on analysis.

The membership is designed to be educational for all types of traders, from absolute beginners to experienced traders. Those with more experience in the market have access to a wealth of detailed reports that come with Ribakov’s analyses on what made them profitable or otherwise.

For experienced traders, this is helpful in identifying effective technical analysis patterns as well as identifying profitable set-ups in future trade decisions.

Similarly, for beginners, there are thousands of resources available to make the learning curve easier and master the process faster. You will have access to e-books, beginner trading guides, trading tools, and around the clock support in case of questions. Furthermore, you have access to asking Ribakov questions during the live-trading webinars.

4. Access to a community of like-minded traders.

Joining TAC gives you access to chatrooms to interact with fellow traders and access to join member groups on Telegram. This gives you access to ask questions and learn from other traders. Given that the membership is open to all experience levels of traders, you will be favorably placed to learn tricks of the trade from a diverse base of traders.

Additionally, you will have access to Vladimir Ribakov himself via e-mail or live chat during his live trading webinars. Here, you have room to ask specific questions regarding the trading session and discuss with him your trade ideas for live feedback.

5. Learn from Traders Academy Club’s guest traders.

In TAC, you don’t only get access to Ribakov’s strategies, but also a chance to learn from other seasoned traders.

Every once in a while, an established guest trader will participate in live trade-rooms or special webinars to share their insights. Some of these guest traders are alumni of TAC while others have no connections to the club. You get to learn a variety of analytical approaches and strategies and leverage that knowledge when making your own trade decisions. 

6. Learn how to use technical analysis methods.

Simply knowing technical analysis methods does not cut it in becoming a profitable trader. That is why TAC offers live education on how to put them to use when making decisions. In the live webinars, Ribakov and guest traders share clearly how he applies well-known technical analysis methods to make decisions.

You can link between the strategies, processes of analysis, key points of focus from one method to another, and later see live results of the decisions. Understanding when to apply certain analysis methods is critical in decision making.

You’ll also learn how to use some of Ribakov’s renowned trading programs that are backed by data-driven decision making to get potential trades.

7. Useful downloads and resources.

For any trader, minimizing the risk of a trade decision is paramount. It’s also extremely useful to have tools to help you manage your trades and try out different strategies.

As a member, you’ll have access to the trading simulator to test out learned ideas and strategies before making real decisions. With a paid membership, you will have access to Ribakov’s trading simulator that allows you to do just that. Although this tool is invaluable to traders of all levels, beginners can benefit from this tool significantly. You’ll be able to simulate strategies from what you’re learning and try out various techniques as you build your confidence as a trader.

You’ll also have access to pattern analysis tools as well as a tool to manage existing trades.

8. Comprehensive Traders Academy Club media archives.

Missed a live trade session? Want to go back and re-assess decision analyses? It’s possible. TAC archives all videos and makes them available for members to access at any time. Available are thousands of video files ranging from recorded live trading videos to recorded trading simulations. From these information-rich tools, users can easily begin their learning by studying previous trade decisions and analyses and build their knowledge base.

9. Trading career opportunities.

For promising traders, the platform offers opportunities to trade in the big leagues. You will have a chance to be referred to trade for other companies or to be financed to trade big accounts.

10. Access to Swing Points Strategy.

The Swing Points Trading (SPT) is specially designed by Ribakov for the TAC members’ community. It is a strategy based on Ribakov’s trading style. It takes into account the swing point scan to identify momentum trends and predict shifts in the market.

Trend scans to get market conditions for trend momentum in the short and long term. And the trend verification tool is to visually represent trends overtime. All three put together can accurately define trend direction, suggest profitable trading zones, and help traders identify risk and ways to minimize it.

The SPT strategy comes with a special webinar and a detailed manual to get you started. It also comes with around the clock support as you get acquainted with using the system.  

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The Pros of Traders Academy Club

the pros

As a forex trading educational program, TAC does offer excellent value and goes above and beyond many other services. It includes the essential tools of trade backed by Ribakov’s years of experience and his expertise in mentoring traders. It also draws from a network of all levels of traders to exchange knowledge on trade strategies. What the user gets is proven methods of analyzing trends and making decisions as well as the opportunity to observe how the strategies work.

In addition to excellent and clearly communicated content that is good for even trading beginners, the additional tools available for traders are top-notch. The archive of thousands of videos and resources as well as the Swing Points Strategy software are valuable in learning to become a profitable trader.

What makes this program effective is that it facilitates you to simulate strategies in trading simulation which is supported by tools and algorithms. For beginners, this is a golden opportunity to practice being a trader without running the risk of losses.

It’s beneficial for experienced traders as well as it offers set of tools for analysis and a safe way to forecast trade decision outcomes. As a result, the program successfully prepares and trains traders at all levels to become profitable traders and to minimize the trading risks.

In terms of usability, the backend of the system user experience has been lauded as intuitive and useful. The system has employed a color-coded navigation system that is easily discernable and is intuitively organized for ease of navigation.

Another plus point, the program is backed by FPA (Forex Peace Army), a forum of independent forex experts. This indicates the reliability of the program.

The Cons of Traders Academy Club

the cons

Some users are featured on the website itself as well as other platforms on the internet. From around the web, the persistent complaint is not about the program’s content, but with the customer care service. Several traders who bought the membership complain about the speed of customer care in cases of queries, concerns, or refunds.

To solve the negative feedback, Ribakov has offered his private email for the customers to reach out and resolve issues. It’s good to note that are very few negative comments regarding the program’s content, which is reassuring to the quality of the membership.

Final thoughts — and How to get SPECIAL OFFER

Minimizing risk and maximizing profits is the goal of any forex trader. But this is something that you can not achieve in days or weeks. All you need is years of experience and exposure to risky trade decisions.

Traders Academy Club leverages Ribakov’s years of experience for cutting edge learning in market analyses and implementation of trading strategies. This program is excellent to equip traders with essential skills and a new way to look at the market to make profitable decisions.

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